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ChronoCare 25 – Comprehensive Service for a Lifelong Companion for Your Watch

Your watch is more than just a timepiece - it's a faithful companion that provides precise timekeeping over the years and shares your most beautiful moments with you. With our exclusive ChronoCare 25 service, we aim to ensure that your watch remains in optimal condition and offers you an average lifespan of 25 years or more.

Our ChronoCare 25 service includes a comprehensive overhaul of your watch by our experienced watchmakers. By regularly utilizing this service, we can ensure that your watch functions optimally and any wear and tear is detected and addressed early.

Our services include:

  • Overhaul: Comprehensive inspection and overhaul of all mechanical and electronic components to ensure the optimal functionality of your watch.
  • Battery Replacement: Replacement of the battery for continuous and precise timekeeping.
  • Precision Adjustment: Fine-tuning of timekeeping for utmost accuracy.
  • Replacement of Wear Parts: Replacement of seals and other small components to ensure optimal performance.
  • Water Resistance Testing: Verification and assurance of your watch's water resistance to protect it from damage.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Removal of dust and dirt both internally and externally to extend the lifespan of your watch.
  • Chronograph-Specific Services: Chronographs have more parts than simple three-hand watches, thus requiring special care. Inspection and calibration of the stopwatch function, adjustment and synchronization of the chronograph hands, as well as testing and adjustment of the start/stop mechanisms.

We recommend performing the ChronoCare 25 service with every battery replacement to ensure that your watch remains in perfect condition.

With ChronoCare 25, you not only receive comprehensive service but also the assurance that your watch will bring you joy for a long time. Trust in our expertise and regularly have your watch serviced by our professionals to maximize its longevity.

Experience the difference - with ChronoCare 25.

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