Restoration of a completely demolished watch

Watch how this clock is restored from completely destroyed to "like new again".

No more wrong date!

Have you ever wondered why you have to set the date on your wristwatch regularly? In this video we show you why.



All about the warranty

In this video we explain everything about the LOUIS XVI warranty, what to look for, how to proceed and what is covered.



Stainless steel 316L - Why watch manufacturers swear by it!

Stainless steel 316L is used to make high-quality wristwatches. Why is that? And how is stainless steel made in the first place?



The new Varennes collection

We present you the new Varennes collection with Fumé dial in detail and show you how it looks on your wrist.



These 5 watch facts will amaze you!

Why do the hands of a watch turn to the right? And what do jeans have to do with watches? The answers to these questions and more are answered in this video.



Roman 4 on the watch, right or wrong?

Why do the vast majority of watch manufacturers prefer the notation IIII instead of the actually correct IV? We look into this question in detail.



Automatic watches - You should know this!

How does an automatic watch work exactly? In this video, we explain the basics.



Wear the watch on the right or on the left?

Wristwatches are traditionally worn on the left wrist. We take a look at where this tradition comes from and why it still holds true today.



Sapphire crystal EXTREME TEST - Is it really that hard?

Does a sapphire crystal deliver what it promises? We find out in the extreme test sapphire crystal vs. power drill.



The Athos Slim Collection

We take a look at the Athos Slim collection. In addition to information on materials and masses, we also get to see the watches on the wrist.



We take a closer look at the chronograph

What functions does the chronograph offer and what is special about it? We show you in detail.



What is included in the scope of delivery? We show it to you!

We show you what you can expect in the scope of delivery of a LOUIS XVI order.



We introduce the new Aramis Frosted!

From specifications to close-ups, we provide a detailed look at the new Aramis Frosted models in this video.



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Aramis Frosted collection | Shop now



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Majesté collection | Shop now



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